Tabús Al Karting L’Escala


A comedian takes on the challenge of his life: spending a week with a group of vulnerable people, and then inviting them to a show where the focus is on jokes. A unique blend of comedy and human interest, inspirational and a mirror to society

TABÚS is a program of human interest that laughs with people who should not laugh. A brave and risky format led by actor David Verdaguer, which will give visibility to groups that normally have to live with many taboos: blind people, with terminal illnesses, with functional diversity, of different ethnicities, from the LGTBI collective, with mental disorders, obesity and poverty. In each chapter, the driver invites four or five people from the same group to a holiday home in the Empordà for a week. Throughout these days, they take the opportunity to get to know each other thoroughly and spend a pleasant day living together as they chat about the taboos that accompany their group and how they feel about society. Weeks after this cohabitation, the protagonists of each chapter meet again, with 300 people in audience, in the famous room La Paloma in Barcelona, ​​where David Verdaguer interprets a humorous monologue on the taboos of each group. The audience of each program is made up of others from the collective and their family and friends.

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