Karting L’escala

Beginnings of Karting L'Escala

In 1979 in Pravi and María they created the Karting La Escala. Over the years it has evolved as it does everything in life.
In this circuit we have seen a large part of the best drivers of motor racing in recent years, since this circuit has always been directly related to the Genikart racing team.
Located on the Costa Brava, it is an ideal place to go adrenaline burning and enjoy speed with friends.


The Escala karting is open all year, except on December 25 and January 1.
In winter it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In summer at about 10:00 and it no longer closes at noon.
We have children's go-karts, two-seater go-karts, standard go-karts and super go-karts that are equipped with 390cc engines.
The possibility of renting can vary with batches of 6, 12 or 18 minutes


An informative briefing will be held to inform you of the activity we will carry out, the safety regulations, how the exit and pit entry procedures will be done, and all the aspects that are necessary for to be able to carry out the activity with the maximum possible security. We will go down to Boxes, we will regulate the seats, and we will go on track!
When the light turns green, we will start a ten-minute round, of which six will be free practice, and four timed workouts. The first 6 minutes are free workouts; and they serve so that each participant adapts to the driving of the kart and the circuit. After the initial 6 minutes, timed workouts will begin. From this moment the riders will have 4 minutes to make the fast lap (pole position). After 4 minutes, it will wave the checkered flag and the pilots will finish the lap they are doing in order to enter the pits. From here, we will have the starting grid of the race, through the order of the quick laps of the participants.
Once we have finished the free and timed workouts, we will climb the bar to cool down a bit, and proceed to the explanation of the race: Training Tour, col • Placement of the grill, traffic lights ... and towards the track again!
CAREER: Types We will leave Boxes, in the order already established by the fast lap, and form the starting grid in the traffic light zone. When the lights go out, we will take a training lap and return to the starting line. Now if, when the traffic light tells us, the race begins! It will be fifteen turns to the circuit. Once the first participant reaches these fifteen laps, checkered flag! All pilots will go into the pits.
Once the rankings have been checked, trophies will be handed out, where the first three will be able to get on the podium and feel -the real winners, while opening a bottle of cava and show your trophy.
For the "addicted" to go-karts. This race consists of the ten-minute workouts exactly the same as with the normal race. The difference will be in a first pre-final of fifteen laps and a final of twelve laps. The podium and awards procedure is exactly the same as in the normal race.

General facts

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